The UBA Branch Appealed to the Mayor to Set the Monetary Valuation of Kharkiv City Lands


KHARKIV - October 26, 2020. The UBA branch in Kharkiv region appealed to Mayor Hennadiy Kernes to promote the rights of individuals to access public information.

It is a question of proper publication of the value of the coefficients Km2 and Km3, which are used in determining the normative monetary valuation of Kharkiv lands. Among these resources: the sites of the Kharkiv City Council and the Unified City Register of Acts of the Kharkiv City Council, the mayor and executive bodies of the council.

Context. The City Council approved the Technical Documentation on the normative monetary valuation of Kharkiv lands, which came into force on January 1, 2020. At the same time, neither in the relevant decision, nor in other open sources of information, the indicators and values ​​of the coefficients were published.

To access public information, the Office's experts sent requests for the data used. In response, access was granted only to some coefficients, and access to others was denied, allegedly because it was official information. Lawyers disagree with this approach.

The full text of the open appeal is available by the link (in Ukrainian).