Situation in Belarus: UBA supports colleagues and condemns human rights violations


KYIV  August 13, 2020. The Ukrainian Bar Association has strongly condemned the unjustifiably brutal use of force against protesters. Lawyers asked international organizations* to assess the events taking place in Belarus.

We will remind you that mass protests in the Republic of Belarus began on August 9 and continue to this day. Peaceful actions are followed by numerous detentions and excessive use of force, special means of restraint and weapons by law enforcement officers  there are already victims and dead reported.

At the same time, the detainees' lawyers cannot provide legal assistance. In particular, neither lawyers nor relatives of the protesters are currently informed about the places and conditions of their detention.

The UBA emphasizes that these facts indicate a gross violation of human rights and numerical norms of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms:

«The Ukrainian Bar Association expresses its solidarity and words of support to our colleagues  lawyers and attorneys of the Republic of Belarus, who are doing everything possible to provide legal assistance to their fellow citizens», the text of the UBA open appeal reads.

*Note. The UBA's appeal is addressed to the International Bar Association, the Council of European Bar Associations, and the European Association of Criminal Lawyers.

The full text of the open appeal is available by the link.