“The Finale is Just the Beginning.” About a Unique Project Where Personal Communication Plays a Key Role


KYIV - July 21, 2020. The quarantine period has become a catalyst for self-development - the legal field is no exception. The Internet is still full of accelerated courses a la "quantum leap" - each in completely open access. Students have the opportunity to become gurus, and gurus - to “pump” their skills. We followed the "golden mean", both in terms of content and components, focusing on partners and ambitious specialists of law firms.

“Perfect synergy” - this is how Denys Bugay, UBA President, partner at VB Partners, described the Partners School program: "I would be happy if I had the opportunity to communicate with more experienced partners at the beginning of our journey. Especially in such an open format. I envy my colleagues who can do it now."

At the beginning of the summer, we talked about the future of the initiative and the plans that still needed to be implemented. Have we succeed? To what extent do expectations ultimately correspond to reality, and what to expect next?

Feedback spoiler: expectations have been exceeded

We have successfully avoided typical “development” cases with limited, pre-written programs. Here everything depends solely on your will. The program is formed by the students themselves, because personal communication is always on the first place.

Let's follow step by step. Partners School is about…?

… A real quantum leap for your development, where you can get rid of unnecessary boundaries in the communication process and ask questions to the TOP person of the legal market directly.

Fast facts

*detailed information on the results of the courses, key advice of the managing partners and feedback of the participants can be found at the relevant links.

Volodymyr Sayenko, one of the founders and managing partner of Sayenko Kharenko Law Firm, solemnly crossed the starting line. According to him, "the project is an opportunity to ask questions and hear a complete, frank answer first hand." He advises young partners to behave like a partner and make every effort in all relevant processes. The next speaker, Denys Bugay, seemed to supplement his colleague in his instructions, emphasizing that the processes also need to be standardized. In addition, it is worth remembering that a specialized company has the highest requirements for a lawyer: both for his professionalism and skills, and for personal qualities. This, together with the right planning of working hours, are the golden components of a winning strategy.

What's next & "Holy Trinity Mentors"

AVELUM Managing Partner Mykola Stetsenko, Managing Partner of Vasyl Kisil & Partners Andriy Stelmashchuk and Asters Senior Partner Armen Khachaturian took over the baton.

This how began the history of a unique project in the legal market. To make it even better, we need your feedback, which you can send together with wishes and suggestions to the project manager Kateryna Pyshchyk. She will be happy to implement your ideas.

Follow the updates on our website and social networks and register for the next events in advance.

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