UBA Submitted 11 Recommendations for the Introduction of e-Litigation


KYIV - May 12, 2020. The Ukrainian Bar Association requests the introduction of electronic litigation as soon as possible and is ready to provide expert support on further steps in its implementation.

Earlier, the UBA has repeatedly stressed its support for the initiative to introduce electronic litigation. Thus, at the end of April, the Association together with the EU Pravo-Justice Project held an online meeting to discuss this issue. Representatives of the High Council of Justice, the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, people’s deputies of Ukraine, judges of the Supreme Court, international experts, UBA experts and lawyers joined the meeting.

Following the meeting, the lawyers submitted 11 recommendations for the introduction of electronic litigation, including:

1. Gradual introduction of separate modules of the ESITS system. Lawyers suggest making appropriate changes to the legislation to gradually launch the system. In addition, it is proposed to launch a pilot project to test the system in separate courts.

2. Ensuring data integration. "Joining UITS with other databases and registers for the efficient and rapid exchange of information," the text of the open appeal reads.

3. Competition instead of state monopoly. In an open address, the lawyers stressed the need to involve developers in the development of UITS software on a commercial basis. According to them, this will provide competition and the opportunity to choose the best option.

4. Amendments to the law regarding the possibility to participate in court hearings online not only during quarantine and from any premises. The proposal for online hearings also applies to cases that are subject to consideration in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses.

5. User-friendly system for judges and participants in the process.

6. User accounts of the participant of the process and the judge.

7. Paperless document flow.

8. Information support - call center operation and assistance in using the system on court web resources.

9. Ensuring identification - the technical ability to recognize all existing types of electronic digital signatures in Ukraine when submitting documents.

10. Ensuring data protection.

11. Ensuring participation of a lawyer in electronic litigation - the opportunity to submit documents, read them, as well as participate in the hearing.

The full text of the open appeal is available by the link (in Ukrainian).