Meeting with the Minister of Justice of Ukraine: Key Points


KYIV - April 28, 2020. An online dialogue with the Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Denys Malyuska, took place as part of a series of UBA meetings with senior officials. The webinar attended over 300 participants.

The moderators of the discussion were: Denys Bugay, President of the Ukrainian Bar Association and Yulian Khorunzhyi, Member of the UBA Board.

As of today, the Law on Financial Monitoring has come into force: what does it mean for a lawyer and is the state registration system ready for its implementation?

Mr. Malyuska stressed that work on its implementation is underway. According to him, the registration system is definitely not ready yet. The Ministry of Justice will conduct trainings and explanations immediately after the approval of the structure by the Ministry of Finance. The Minister stressed that the business should not worry about this.

Electronic services - a global vision?

The ministry plans to launch a new Unified State Register in June. Test access will open in May and run until early summer. In addition, according to Mr. Malyuska, test data migration was completed a week ago. The advantage of the service is the actual automation of registration actions. In addition, an electronic office for the arbitration manager will be introduced by the end of the year - the concept has already been developed. An electronic notary system will be developed on the basis of “Trembita”.

Arbitration courts

According to Mr. Malyuska, there are no barriers to the adoption of the bill. The only obstacle on its way is low trust in arbitration courts: “We start not just from scratch, but with a negative reputation of arbitration.” As a result, the Ministry has imposed serious requirements on arbitration courts.

Jury trial

Despite the need to finalize the bill, the Minister stressed that its withdrawal played a good turn, as the draft will be significantly revised. Within two weeks, it will be sent for coordination with other authorities. Readiness for the gradual introduction of a jury trial is 100%.

Forensic system reform: expectations

According to Denys Malyuska, some of the reforms that could have been implemented have already been implemented - in particular, the number of possible examinations has been increased and a number of steps have been taken to unload the system. Experts gained more freedom and independence. This summer the corresponding draft law with updates will be presented: “But you should expect nothing extraordinary”.

Mr. Malyuska once again called upon lawyers to report on criminals who earn money from forensic examinations: “Heads of institutions have received a clear instruction - to confirm by the end of summer that corruption has been decreased by 90%. If I find out that no changes have taken place, there will be serious personnel changes."

The detailed notes of the meeting is available at the UBA web-site (in Ukrainian).