New Mentoring Program for Beginners or a New Generation of Professionals


KYIV - May 4, 2020. The UBA Committee on International Law is launching a mentoring program for law students and young legal practitioners.

During the year, the best professionals will work with selected lawyers on an ongoing basis to transfer knowledge, skills, abilities, and create a new generation of law professionals.

Objectives of the mentoring program:

-          Improving the quality of legal education in Ukraine;

-          Removing barriers between generations;

-          Assisting future lawyers in building a successful career.

Potential participants:

-          Senior law students or young lawyers up to and including the level of a "junior lawyer", selected on a competitive basis.

Potential mentors:

-          Senior Lawyers / Counsels / Partners of law firms;

-          Senior Lawyers / Heads of Legal Departments of major companies;

-          Managers – lawyers working in public sector.

How does it work?

Upon completion of the competitive selection, each of the mentors will form a group of four people, taking into account the field of activity and professional interests.

During the year, group members will work individually with their mentor: holding meetings, networking with colleagues, assisting with work and research, mentoring, publishing joint articles, and developing projects.

As a result, the mentor:

-          Contributes to the formation of a new quality of the legal community;

-          Educates future employees for their recruiting purposes;

-          Helps young lawyers to determine their professional interests.

Young lawyers:

-          Receive invaluable information from the best lawyers;

-          Determine career plans and professional priorities;

-          Improve professional skills.

To participate in the program, send a cover letter and CV in Google form by June 30, 2020.

If you wish to become a mentor, send a message to Facebook page of the UBA Committee on International Law.