UBA to Open a New Committee


KYIV - May 4, 2020. The Ukrainian Bar Association has launched a new committee on International Trade Law. Thus, the total number of UBA committees now amounts to 25. 

Despite the successful work of the UBA Committee on International Law, the discussion of certain topics of international trade law on its platform is not exhaustive, as some of its topic are not covered by the scope of Committee’s activities.

International Trade law, in turn, affects a number of relevant areas of public policy, business processes, professional activities and research. In addition, the current legislative processes require a timely and qualified response from lawyers. In particular, we shall recall that the Government is carrying out a large-scale reform of legislation in the field of trade investigations and the application of trade defense mechanisms.

“The expediency of creating such a profile committee is also confirmed by the fact that among the members of the UBA there are a number of reputable law firms that specialize in the law of international trade,” the text of the Concept of the Committee reads.

The activities of the Committee will be aimed at:

-          Creation of an effective platform for cooperation between the legal community, business, state authorities and the public in key areas of trade policy development in Ukraine.

-          Formation of a community of specialists in international trade law in Ukraine, whose activities are based on the principles of professional ethics and high standards of quality legal aid.

-          Promoting the development of consistent practice of application and interpretation by courts and state bodies of national legislation and international treaties governing various aspects of foreign economic activity in Ukraine and international trade.

-          Support for Ukrainian business.

-          Improving legal education in the field of international trade.

The Committee plans to organize a number of professional discussions with stakeholders from private and public sectors, hold an annual conference on international trade, conduct effective GR activities, prepare proposals for draft laws and regulations, organize educational activities and communication with students.

The concept of the Committee’s activities is available by the link.