2019-2021 New UBA Leadership Elected


KHARKIV - May 24, 2019. The XVII regular meeting of the Legal Assembly of the Ukrainian Bar Association, the highest governing body of the organization, convened to elect the new leadership.

At the meeting of the Legal Assembly, which this time took place in Kharkiv, the members approved the Annual Report and elected the governing bodies of the UBA. Denys Bugay elected President for the next two years, Artyom Stoyanov elected Vice-President.

In accordance with the Statute, the UBA President Andriy Stelmashchuk presented the annual report of the organization 2018/2019 and the report of the President and the Vice-President of the UBA for two years of activity.

"We have made a huge step forward. I want to thank every member of our community for joining the discussion on important topics. I would also like to thank all the heads of the regional offices, heads of the committees, sections, the Supervisory Board, the UBA Board and the Secretariat for implementing my program announced back in 2017, and I am sure that it will be implemented in the future", noted Andriy Stelmashchuk.

The Legal Assembly of the Ukrainian Bar Association approved Annual Report of the President and Vice-President, as well as the Annual Report of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Introducing the report of the Audit Commission Leonid Antonenko, its Chair, noted that the Audit Commission has audited the report, the Association balance sheet and the compliance of the accounting records of the Association during the specified period. "Violations have not been detected, the submitted documents are in line with reality", he said.

The highest management body has commended the work of the Association and its management, approving all submitted reports.

For consideration of the members of the Legal Assembly, the issue was also raised regarding the introduction of amendments to the Statute of the Ukrainian Bar Association, initiated by Volodymyr Pavlenko. In particular, he noted that the elections to the governing bodies of the UBA should be organized through electronic voting. "The system of election of the UBA President through delegates has long discredited itself, although the issue of choosing the procedure for electing the members of the Board remains debatable", he said.

The claim has not met enough support that day. Members of the Legal Assembly proposed to finalize the idea, in particular, they commissioned the Board to prepare draft amendments to the Statute for the election of the governing bodies of the UBA through direct voting at the next meeting of the Legal Assembly.

The next item on the agenda was the introduction of amendments to the Regulations of the Ukrainian Bar Association on the Audit Commission, presented by Oleksandra Egert, Executive Director of the UBA. The Legal Assembly decided to amend the Regulations on the Audit Commission.

The most anticipated issue of the agenda was the election of a new leadership - the President, Vice-President, members of the UBA Board, as well as the new membership of the Audit Committee of the Association.

Present at the meeting, the candidates for the Board members made short self-representations. The candidate for the positions of president and vice-presidents Denys Bugay and Artyom Stoyanov remarked: "We must become a market regulator, we must become the key expert for legal decisions of the state", - said Denys Bugay.

The following were candidates for the post of President and Vice-President: Manager of the "Tomorrow;s Lawyer" Program Andriy Vyshnevsky, and managing partner of ENGARDE Iryna Nazarova. Among their priorities, the lawyers highlighted the protection of the professional rights and interests of lawyers. "I know exactly how to make our organization more independent, how it can create more meaning and how to make the Association a real influencer on state policy", - assured Andriy Vyshnevsky.

"Colleagues, the future of the Ukrainian Bar Association and its outlook in your hands", - stressed Andriy Stelmashchuk, inviting the members of the Legal Assembly to secret ballot.

The election results of the new UBA leadership in 2019/2021 were announced in the evening during the President's reception of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Denis Bugay, became President of the Ukrainian Bar Association, and Artyom Stoyanov was elected Vice-President.

The new Board of Directors includes the following individuals:

1. Olena Zerkal, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European Integration (elected from the Section of Civil Servants).

2. Roksolana Kostur, lawyer at Matviyiv & Partners Law Firm (elected from the UBA Branch in Lviv Region).

3. Volodymyr Kravchuk, judge of the Supreme Court (elected from the Section of Judges).

4. Volodymyr Marchenko, President of the Notary Chamber of Ukraine (from the Section of Notaries)

5. Rostislav Matiash, member of the Board of JSC "Ukrsotsbank" (from the Section of Legal Counsel).

6. Yaroslav Ognevyuk, partner at Sayenko Kharenko (elected from the UBA Branch in Kyiv).

7. Olha Prosyanyuk, managing partner of AVER LEX (elected from the Section of Advocates and Practicing Lawyers).

8. Andriy Romanchuk, managing partner at Moris Group (elected from the UBA Branch in Kyiv).

9. Ihor Svechkar, partner at Asters (elected from the UBA Branch in Kyiv).

10. Vladislav Sokolovsky, managing partner of Sokolovsky & Partners (elected from the UBA Branch in Kyiv).

11. Serhiy Udovychenko, Head of Udovychenko & Partners Law Firm (elected from the UBA Branch in Rivne Region).

12. Julian Khourunzhy, Senior Partner at Ario Law Firm (elected from the UBA Branch in Kyiv).

13. Maksym Sheverdin, member of the UBA Board, Associate Professor of the National Law University after Yaroslav the Wise, managing partner at Sheverdin & Partners (elected from the Section of Scholars and Educators).

In addition, according to the Statute of the Association, three persons become members of the Board automatically - the President, the Vice-President and the President in retirement. In total, the Board consists of 16 people.

Further on, the UBA Revision Commission was elected to include the following individuals:

- Leonid Antonenko, counsel to Asters, Member of the Kyiv City Council, Chair of the Standing Committee on Property Issues;

- Dmytro Ostapenko, counsel to Krolevets & Partners;

- Zlata Simonenko, partner and executive director of Solodko & Partners.

The following members were elected to the Election Commission of the UBA:

- Dmytro Kaba, lawyer at LCF Legal Group.

- Dmytro Shapoval, managing partner at Glagos Law Firm.

- Yuriy Sergeiev, managing partner at Sergeiev Law Beureau.

- Yuriy Pita, partner at Khomenko Pita & Partners.

- Victoriya Lisun, associate at ARES Law Firm.

- Mykyta Nuralin, member of the Council of the UBA Committee on Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law, lawyer at VB PARTNERS.

- Anastasia Glushchenko, marketing director at ADER HABER.

- Viktor Grabovsky, junior associate at Vasil Kisil & Partners Law Firm.

- Mykola Sokolov, associate at ARIO.

The live broadcast of the event can be viewed at the Youtube channel.

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