Joseph Bronz - Laureate of the UBA Honorary Award 2018


ODESA - March 1, 2019. During the Odessa Legal Business Forum, Joseph Bronze, the Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, the Chair of the Bar Council of the Odessa region, and the Vice-President of the new International Union (commonwealth) of lawyers received the UBA Award "For Honor and Professional Dignity" in a solemn atmosphere.

Annually, this award is served upon at the festive ceremony of the Year of Law Opening, but unfortunately, on October 8, 2018, Joseph Bronz did not have the opportunity to attend the event, so the UBA presented it at the welcoming session of the Odessa Legal Business Forum.

"Thank you very much for the reward! I gave more than 50 years of life to legal practice. I always want to bring people who have received a lawyer's certificate closer to true lawyers. Apparently, everyone knows the expression of Konstantin Stanislavsky: "The Theater begins with a hanger", but a lawyer, according to my version, begins from his or her inner world. I always emphasize that the most important thing for a lawyer is the ability to speak and write. After all, as Socrates said: "Speak, that I may see you". We have to go further; there is still a lot of work with us. We stand for a tomorrow's lawyer, who will not possess those negative qualities that lawyers may have today".

The award is produced in a form of a medal, made of pure gold and weighs 26 grams. It is the highest professional recognition of the UBA, awarded every year to a lawyer with impeccable reputation and significant professional achievements.