The UBA Prepares for the Election of Governing Bodies And Guarantees Their Integrity


KYIV - 26 February 2019. The Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) traditionally adheres to the principle of strong self-government. It is reflected in the independent determination of the areas of activity and the constant rotation of the governing bodies of the Association through regular elections. We congratulate the democratic nomination of strong leadership teams as candidates for the President and Vice-President of the Association.

The nominations will continue until March 23, inclusive. Elections of the President, Vice-President, Board of the UBA and other governing bodies will be held during the meeting of the Legal Assembly, scheduled for May 24, 2019. The election of members of the Legal Assembly from the UBA branches and sections will be held at the next general meeting of the relevant branch or section through rating voting or by absentee voting.

The UBA welcomes the fact that there is a real competition in the upcoming elections. Together with the Election Commission and the Secretariat, we will provide transparent and fair conditions for the conduct of electoral campaigns by candidates.

Regardless of the results of the election, the efforts of the candidates, as active representatives of the legal community, will be applied for further development of the Association in order to effectively fulfill its statutory goals.

The Ukrainian Bar Association will remain an example of democracy, honesty and openness in electoral procedures, and will not allow the use of various types of illegal and unethical methods of influencing the election results, as well as any actions that may discredit any of the candidates or may adversely affect the reputation and activity of the UBA.

The UBA welcomes the mutual respect of the candidates and their supporters and guarantees the holding of elections according to the highest standards of free and fair expression of will, which will ensure that the best representatives of the legal community can demonstrate their leadership abilities and make a significant contribution to the achievement of the Association's goals.