«Rule of Law - Barrier to Chaos and Lawlessness», - Iryna Paliashvili, Speaker of the UBA Legal Market Forum


KYIV - March 1, 2019. The legal market is a living organism that is constantly evolving and interacting, and especially needs to keep up with the times. UBA Annual Legal Market Development Forum is a great opportunity for law firm representatives to establish useful business contacts, go beyond the vision of their companies and learn about new opportunities for growth.

The forum brings together executives and partners of law firms - from young companies to recognized sharks with a worldwide reputation, successful lawyers and practice leaders. This year, on March 22, the participants will talk about things that are polar, at first glance. For example, the global market for legal services and the regional dimension of business development. About mergers and acquisitions on the legal market. On the abuse of rights by lawyers and their protection in cyberspace.

A very fresh and promising is the session «Code of the profession», where we will touch upon the ethical standards of the law profession and the worldwide scandals with its violation - lobbying, secrecy and double standards.

Iryna Paliashvili, Managing Partner of RULG-Ukrainian Legal Group, plans to talk about the Rule of Law, its relationship with professional ethics and values ​​in the era of the technical revolution.

"Taking into account the profound specialization of the majority of speakers, I plan to focus more on the global meaning of the "Rule of Law" concept, its connection with professional ethics, values, and discuss these issues in the context of the technical revolution, which has finally reached the legal profession, -  says Ms. Iryna. - I have been active in the IBA for many years (this year I became the first Ukrainian lawyer-chair of the committee), and since IBA is the largest and most authoritative organization in the world for our profession, I want to tell how these issues are discussed within the IBA".

Iryna Paliashvili gives an example of Martin Scholz, ex-president of the IBA, whose term in office ended last year (by the way, Martin is Czech, the first IBA president from our region of Central Europe). One of the main priorities over the two years of his activity, he considered the Rule of Law.

«At the last annual IBA meeting in Rome, he announced a new campaign to promote and protect the Rule of Law under the slogan: «Take care of the rule of law, and it will take care of you».  «IBA has produced several videos on this topic for public access, offering all members to distribute them in their countries», - remarks Mrs. Iryna.

At the next annual IBA meetings in Seoul Iryna Paliashvili will hold a session on Rule of Law, focusing on professional ethics, as she considers her profession to be the main gatekeeper to Rule of Law.

Ms. Iryna promises to give clear cases of the effectiveness of Rule of Law on the example of the US experience and the great state crises in the United States, which were succeeded by virtue of the effectiveness of the laws:

«I want to dwell on the situation in the United States, where the Rule of Law became a real barrier to chaos and lawlessness. Even institutions, public morals and the system of checks and balances fail to cope with the current situation. Institutions can be destroyed from the inside, the government is closed (35 days is a record in the history of the US), morals are blown up, the system of checks and balances may fail, but the only thing that still holds firmly today is the law and the courts, that is, the Rule of Law», - emphasizes Mrs. Iryna. - I think that particular attention should be paid to the serious problems with professional ethics (not to mention the violation of the law) in the US lawyer community, which was disclosed during the investigation of the Special Prosecutor Müller.

«I do not want to dwell in detail on the unsightly role of Ukrainian politicians and businesspeople in all these scandals - as far as I understand Darya Kalenyuk will talk about it. I want to point out that they have become the characters of the main satirical shows and their photos are regularly shown, for example, on Stephen Colbert's show, with relevant comments to laugh. It's not the image that a country that has suffered enormous losses in the name of moral values ​​and became a victim of aggression can rightly count on».

All participants of the UBA Annual Forum XV Annual Legal Forum «Development of the legal services market in Ukraine – 2019», which will be held on March 22, 2019 in Kyiv, at the Hilton Hotel, will be able to attend the presentation of Irina Paliashvili and other speakers of this interesting session.


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