UBA Delegates Elected to the Public Council of Integrity


KYIV - December 17, 2018. The general meeting of the representatives of public associations, elected 20 members of the Public Council of Integrity.

Among them there are three UBA delegates: Andriy Savchuk, partner at Moris Group, member of the Committee on Procedural Law of the Ukrainian Bar Association; Oleg Yakymyak, senior partner at "Kushnir, Yakymyak & Partners"; Dmitro Ostapenko, graduate of the "Tomorrow's Lawyer" Program, council to "Krolevets & Partners".

The previous composition of the Board also included the UBA representatives - Andriy Savchuk and the current Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergiy Verlanov.

Andriy Savchuk told us that the former composition of the Council worked quite fruitfully: "From among the major achievements of the Public Council of Integrity, I can highlight that we have proven institutional capacity of the Council. We significantly influenced the selection of candidates to the Supreme Court, giving rise to the formation of a certain national standard for public participation in the process of qualifying the evaluation of judges. The Council is very important in the context of judicial reform - the new face of the Supreme Court would have been different without the Public Council of Integrity", - said Andriy Savchuk.

Public Council of Integrity facilitates the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine in establishing consistency of a judge (judicial candidate) with the criteria of professional ethics and integrity for the purpose of qualification evaluation. The Public Council of Integrity is formed of representatives of human rights associations, academics, lawyers, attorneys, journalists who are recognized experts in their respective fields and possess distinguished professional reputation and matching political neutrality and integrity.

Representatives of 12 public associations nominated 27 candidates to participate in the meeting. The Council is elected for a two-year term.

Congratulations to our newly appointed colleagues and wishes of success and fruitful work in the judicial system reform.

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