"Bring Holiday Cheer to Kids" - UBA Regional Branches Supported St Nicolas Day


KYIV- December 22, 2018. Every child dreams of a New Year's miracle and the fulfilment of all cherished desires. The cause "Bring Holiday Cheer to Kids", which was launched by the UBA, has reached an all-Ukrainian scale. The UBA branches in Kharkiv, Odesa, Sumy and ano-Frankivsk regions joined the cause and supported this tradition.

The UBA office in Kharkiv region, in cooperation with the Kharkiv branch of the Students' League, visited the Children's Specialized Center "Harmony" on December 19, bringing fun and gifts to the children's holiday.

On December 21, members of the UBA Branch in Odesa region congratulated the students of the Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of the Odessa City Council and the regional refuge for minors "Svitanok". "To give children the joy and see their shining eyes - this is the true happiness! We especially thank the company "De-Jure" and the Interlegal copmany. Thanks to the joint efforts, we managed to make some children's desires come true, and we hope that this is just the beginning!"- said Oleksandr Baiderin, Head of the UBA Branch in the Odessa region.

On St. Nicholas Day, the UBA Branch in Sumy region, headed by the Head of the Department Yevheny Chuprun, visited the Sumy Orphanage named after S.P. Suprun.

Lawyers brought cheer to kids and made their life a little sweeter, bringing each child lots of candies and cookies.

In turn, the members of the Sumy Branch received plenty of warm emotions from happy children - the greatest miracle in such a bright and good day!

The UBA Branch in Ivano-Frankivsk region for the third time held the "Bring Holiday Cheer to Kids" event and congratulated the orphans from the City of Mercy of St. Nicholas. Lawyers took active part in the festive preparations and shared there kindness and gifts with orphans. we wish to thank the UBA Branch in Ivano-Frankivsk region and MORIS Group, Legal Group, Lex Consulting, Lobby consulting.

Stay involved! Even one good thing a day will make our life happier and better!