Law on the Bar: In Pursuit of Perfection


KYIV - September 19, 2018. The Ukrainian Bar Association hold a meeting to discuss a new draft law "On the Bar and Legal Profession Advocacy and Advocacy" and analyze the main provisions of the document.

The draft law contains a number of progressive novels that could positively affect the functioning and development of the legal profession. At the same time, the UBA always stood in position and continues to insist that certain provisions need to be finalized.

Moderator of the event was Andriy Romanchuk, UBA Board Member, managing partner at Moris Group, who urged colleagues who took part in the preparation of the draft law to comment on the critical remarks made by lawyers individually and organizations, in particular, on inclusiveness and transparency in the preparation of the draft law.

Andriy Vyshnevsky, member of the UBA Board, member of the Judicial Reform Council, described in detail the process of elaboration of the draft law. He explained that among the participants in the development and discussion of the document were representatives of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, including representatives of the Bar Council of Ukraine and Qualification and Disciplinary Commission, regional Bar councils, as well as members of public organizations of lawyers - UBA, UAA, as well as the scientific community, lawyers and attorneys. Each edit of the draft law, was at the disposal of the UNBA leadership, who had the opportunity to timely familiarize all the members with the respective drafts and organize expert discussions in the community.

Andriy Vyshnevsky also stressed that during the session of the Judicial Reform Council, which lasted for several hours over several days, all the proposals and comments received from lawyers and lawyer's self-government bodies were considered. And a significant part was taken into account and incorporated to the draft law.

The same facts were confirmed by Denys Bugay, President of the UBA (2013 - 2017), Partner at VB PARTNERS, member of the Judicial Reform Council, noting that the initiatives of UBA experts were taken into account only partially. In particular, some of the proposed provisions on strengthening guarantees of the legal profession were not taken into account.

Igor Golovan, partner at Golovan and Partners, drew attention to the fact that the development of a new law on the Bar and Practice of Law should regard in the first place the interests of the society, and then the interests of the legal community.