Procedural Novelties. The First Experience of Court Decisions in the Media Sphere.


KYIV - April 25, 2018. The Committee on Mass Media and Advertising Law of the Ukrainian Bar Association invited its colleagues to discuss the novelties of the procedural codes in the media and Internet.

Among the issues suggested for the discussion were representation in courts, peculiarities of handling cases in different categories (refutation of inaccurate information, protection of honor and dignity, protection of business reputation, non-pecuniary damage, protection of intellectual property rights) and electronic evidence.

Dmitry Lavrentiev, Senior Lawyer at Miller, Masi-Mustafa Nayem, Partner at Miller, Julia Semeniy, Partner at Asters, and Moderator Irina Stroiko, Senior Legal Advisor, TV Studio Studio 1 + 1, director of "Molodist Distribution" LLC.

Masi Nayem demonstrating the examples of court cases from his own practice told about the latest trends in judicial practice, analyzed the defense failures by refuting false information. Dmitry Lavrentyev described how to efficiently collect and provide evidence, including electronic ones. Julia Semeniy gave useful tips on protecting intellectual property rights, described the features of the control purchase procedure.

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