Public Council of Integrity Report Published


KYIV - March 05, 2018. The Council of Europe Project "Support to the Implementation of Judicial Reform in Ukraine" published a Report on the results of the monitoring activity of the Public Council of Integrity in the context of the standards and recommendations of the Council of Europe, prepared by the national experts of the Project and the UBA - Olga Lopushanska and Nikita Nuralin.

Within the framework of the research, the issues of ensuring the right of reply by the judicial candidates, the validity of the documents of the Council, the unity of the Council practice, the methodology of documents preparation, sources of information used to assess the integrity and professional ethics of candidates for positions of judges of the Supreme Court, as well as its relevance, etc. were analyzed.

On the basis of the monitoring, recommendations were drafted to improve the activities of the Public Council of Integrity, namely:

-          to develop and approve the assessment methodology with objective and clear criteria for evaluation;

-          to develop and approve the common standards for the preparation of documents for the Council, as well as their standard structure;

-          to check the information received, use only reliable sources;

-          refrain from evaluating professional competence in general and assessing judgments in particular;

-          to provide a candidate with the opportunity to familiarize with the Councils conclusions prior to their publication, etc.

The Report can be found at: