UBA Leaders Meetings: Plans, Goals and KPIs


KYIV - March 23, 2018. Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) held an annual meeting to gather management of  committees, branches and sections, members of the UBA Board and the Secretariat under one roof to discuss future plans, growth strategies and tactics of the Association, problems and prospects for the development of its structural units.

Leaders' meetings preceded the meeting of the heads of regional branches with the members of the UBA Board, where they had the opportunity to discuss global and local problems, listen to advice of the leaders of the organization and share their experiences.

Andriy Stelmashchuk, President of the Ukrainian Bar Association, and Oleksandra Egert, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Bar Association, addressed the guests with a welcoming speech.

The working part of the meeting commenced with the presentation by the UBA presidents of different cadences: Andriy Stelmashchuk, and Denys Bugay, President of the Ukrainian Bar Association (2013-2017), who outlined the main goals and objectives of the UBA in 2018 and the role of the structural units in their implementation; commented on the peculiarities of cooperation between committees and departments, and also introduced guests with board members responsible for committees and departments.

Among key tactical tasks of 2018, Andriy Stelmashchuk highlighted membership relations management, the reform of the UBA Secretariat, infrastructural changes, improvement of statutory documents and expansion of the partnership program.

The President named the tools that the Association will use to fulfill its main functions and tasks. This includes, in particular, the organization and support of professional discussion, the creation of a permanent expert environment, communication with government bodies, etc.

Denys Bugay outlined the external goals of the UBA (magnifying influence on the reforms and new legislation drafting) and internal goals (development of leadership and communities, promotion of membership, horizontal ties, etc.) and thanked all the guests for their active involvement and leadership in the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Yaroslav Ognevyuk, a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association, a partner of the Doubinsky & Osharova Patent and Law Agency, presented KPIs for the UBA structural units, commenting in detail on the objectives and their key performance indicators.

Under the moderation of Denys Bugay and Maksym Sheverdin, a member of the UBA Board, managing partner of Sheverdin & Partners, the participants conducted a brainstorming session on the needs of the UBA structural units and ways of ensuring them. In the course of discussion the heads of regional branches shared their success stories of problem solving.

As noted by Denys Bugay, the key areas of cooperation with international projects are justice reform and judicial reform. Cooperation takes place on two levels - organizational assistance and expert involvement in the meaning of preparation of information materials (reports, outlines etc.). He called on regional leaders to organize events in conjunction with international projects and noted: "Large international projects are "tired" of Kyiv and are willing to conduct events in the regions".

Igor Svechkar, a member of the UBA Board, partner at Asters, talked about his experience of cooperation with state authorities and participation in the Public Councils of state bodies. Viktoriya Mitko, Chair of the Board of the Bar Association of Legal Aid Providers, commented on the interaction of the UBA with the BALAP and encouraged colleagues to join its activities. In his turn, Andriy Vyshnevskiy presented the  "Tomorrow's Lawyer" program.

The event ended with a master class on public speaking that has set the mood for the guests at the evening reception held with the support of Jack Daniel's.