The newly created Section of Court Experts has begun work!


KYIV - November 24, 2017. The first meeting of the newly established Section of Judicial Experts of the Ukrainian Bar Association was held. The chair was Irina Ped, Managing Partner of S&D Expert Group.

The participants of the meeting discussed the organizational nature, taxation of forensic experts' activities and review of expert opinions. Speaker Iryna Ped voiced the composition of the Section's members, the procedure for the formation of working groups, the election of the Section's leader, and the peculiarities of the format of the meetings.

Regarding the tax question, Mrs. Irina reported on the position of the State Fiscal Service regarding the assignment of judicial experts working independently; outlined the requirements of the current legislation to the taxation of the activities of forensic experts who are not employees of state expert institutions, and proposed to elaborate explanations regarding the provisions of the legislation regarding the taxation of expert activities.

After the discussion, the participants agreed to set up a working group to process the request to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the State Fiscal Service to clarify the requirements of the current legislation on the taxation of forensic experts' activities and proposals for amending the Procedure for recording tax payers and fees approved by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

As a result of the discussion on the legality of the court's recognition of the sources of evidence in deciding on the substantiation of the conclusions of the court experts, the meeting decided to start work on proposals for the development of a coherent solution to the problem of review and submit the proposals to the members of the Section at the next meeting.

The Ukrainian Bar Association welcomes to join the newly established section and work together to improve the legal regulations and facilitate the effective reforms! See the announcements of the events on the UBA website and the Facebook page!