UBA Supervisory Board Approved the Priorities of the UBA for the next 2 years


KYIV - November 30, 2017. The Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association held a meeting dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Bar Association, where the UBA President Andriy Stelmashchuk presented his vision of the main priorities of the Ukrainian Bar Association for 2017-2019.

According to Andriy Stelmaschuk, the UBA development should be considered based on three pillars: lawyer, legal community and law-governed state. Details of the postulates for each category can be found at the UBA website.

Among the key areas of activity, Andriy Stelmashchuk has been involved in the reform of the legal education, participation in judicial reform, delegation of representatives of the UBA to the authorities and international organizations, expert work, the introduction of ethical standards of the profession.

Regarding the latter, Mr. Stelmashchuk recommended that a Lawyer's Declaration of Integrity be drafted and approved, which will be proposed for signing by all members and partners of the UBA. He also voiced instruments of encouragement and influence on unscrupulous signers.

It is worth noting that this idea was highly appreciated and approved by the unanimously all members of the Supervisory Board. They offered full support and assistance to Andriy Stelmashchuk to implement it.

In addition, the President introduced the Lawyer of the Future Program and spoke about joint projects with international institutions in which the UBA takes direct and active part.

At the end of the meeting everyone greeted each other with the remarkable event  - 15th anniversary since the founding of the Ukrainian Bar Association.