The Ukrainian Bar Association Congratulates the Winners of the Contest for Supreme Court Judges!


KYIV - July 31, 2017. The Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) congratulates the candidates for the positions of the Supreme Court judges who won the competition and got the chance to become judges of the highest court in Ukraine.

We look forward to the decision of the High Council of Justice regarding the appointment to the high office of the Supreme Court and hope that the members of the UBA, who have cleared the threshold, will be submitted for the execution of effective and fair justice.

10 members of the UBA may enter the new Supreme Court, in particular:

Administrative Cassation Court in the Supreme Court:

Volodymyr Kravchuk, member of the UBA Board, judge of Lviv Regional Administrative Court.

Commercial Cassation Court in the Supreme Court:

Anna Vronska, lawyer.

Sergiy Zhukov, lawyer, member of the High Qualifications and Disciplinary Commission of Advocates from Dnipropetrovsk Region, Managing Partner of "Neksum".

Olena Kibenko, Doctor of Law, Professor, Managing Partner of Kibenko, Onika & Partners.

Yegor Krasnov, Associate Professor of the Department of Labor Law and Social Security of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

Ivan Mishchenko, Managing Partner of Trusted Advisors.

Vyacheslav Peskov, lawyer.

Criminal Cassation Court in the Supreme Court:

Nadiya Stefaniv, Judge of the Court of Appeal of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.

Civil Cassation Court in the Supreme Court:

Dmytro Gudima, Associate Professor, Law Faculty, Lviv National Ivan Franko University.

Vktor Prorok, lawyer.

We are proud to announce that Valentyna Danishevska, director of the Commercial Law Centre (CLC) was also qualified for the Commercial Cassation Court in the Supreme Court.  The CLC for many years remained a reliable partner of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Also we wish to congratulate the Tomorrow's Lawyer expert, doctor of law Oleksandra  Yanovska; executive director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Arkadiy Bushchenko; managing partner Cai & Lenard law firm Konstantin Pilkov with the entry to the list of candidates for judges of the Supreme Court.

Congratulations to our colleagues and wishes of success and inspiration at work!

Taking this opportunity, we wish to extend our gratitude to head Sergei Koziakov, Head of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, HQCJ member Taras Lukash, the UBA members, for ensuring transparency and openness of the competition and fruitful cooperation. Also we are thankful to Stanislav Shotka, secretary of the qualifying chamber of the SJCC for active participation in the events of the Ukrainian Bar Association devoted to the contest.

Ukrainian Bar Association expresses its gratitude to the EU project "Support for Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine" and its head Dovydas Vitkauskas for his significant contribution to the quality and competitive selection of professional Supreme Court.

Also we grateful to Andriy Savchuk and Sergey Verlanov who represented the UBA at the Public Council of Integrity for the significant contribution to the selection of candidates to the Supreme Court

UBA expresses its gratitude to colleagues who participated in the contest, but this time were not included in the list of winners - the UBA Board Member Maksym Sheverdin, UBA members Olexander Kravets, Arseniy Milutin, Andriy Zhuk, Bogdan Monich and others.

Together we have proved that the rule-of-law community can ensure the openness and transparency of the procedures for the formation of key bodies in the country, in compliance with international standards and requirements.

The Ukrainian Bar Association will continue to monitor the activities of the Supreme Court and will keep pace with the judicial reform.