• Situation in Belarus: UBA supports colleagues and condemns human rights violations

    The Ukrainian Bar Association has strongly condemned the unjustifiably brutal use of force against protesters. Lawyers asked international organizations* to assess the events taking place in Belarus.

  • UBA Committee Adopts a Resolution on Judicial Reform from the Office of Simple Decisions and Results

    The concept of judicial reform proposed by the Office of Simple Decisions and Results contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine, is ineffective in improving the judiciary, and carries the risk of violating Ukraine’s obligations to ensure the independence of the judiciary under international standards and the right to a fair trial. This is stated in the resolution of the UBA Committee on Procedural Law, adopted today.

  • Lawyers Once Again Call to Stop IP Reform Blockade

    The UBA Committee on Intellectual Property appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Ihor Petrashko to stop blocking the reform of the state system of legal protection of intellectual property and finally complete it by providing rapid and transparent processes of creation of the National Intellectual Property Authority (NIPA).

  • Success, Support, Unity: Three Pillars of the Mentoring Program from the UBA Committee

    On the first day of May, an annual mentoring program was launched in Ukraine, initiated by the UBA Committee on International Law. Since then, the best professionals have worked with students and novice lawyers to work together to create a new generation of professional community.

  • Leaders of Regional Branches Elected!

    We are pleased to announce the final completion of the election process in the regional branches of the Ukrainian Bar Association! We will soon learn more about the ambitions and plans of regional leaders. In the meantime, an updated management of each of the branches is provided below for your attention.

  • UBA & Supreme Court: Discussions Digest

    At the beginning of March, the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) promptly and with maximum benefit adapted to the quarantined restrictions, launching a series of webinars on the most topical issues. Among them is a joint project with the Supreme Court and the Association for the Development of Judicial Self-Development of Ukraine, dedicated to discussing the latest practice of the Supreme Court. 14 online meetings later, on the eve of a short break, we have gathered for you all links in one place.

  • “The Finale is Just the Beginning.” About a Unique Project Where Personal Communication Plays a Key Role

    The quarantine period has become a catalyst for self-development - the legal field is no exception. The Internet is still full of accelerated courses a la "quantum leap" - each in completely open access. Students have the opportunity to become gurus, and gurus - to “pump” their skills. We followed the "golden mean", both in terms of content and components, focusing on partners and ambitious specialists of law firms.

  • Ukrainian legal community calls for the immediate release of Russian political prisoner Igor Kiyashko

    UBA directed an open appeal to the international legal community, the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, representatives of Parliament and the Security Service of Ukraine, calling to take necessary measures to release the political prisoner of the Russian Federation, Ukrainian lawyer Igor Kiyashko

  • X Legal Assembly of the UBA Students' League

    The UBA Students' League held its 10th Legal Assembly. This is one of the most important events of the organization, which annually engraves the names of Board members and elects new ones.

  • The UBA Committee Calls to Reject the Bill on Real Estate Activity (№ 3618), Some Norms Contradicting the Constitution

    The UBA Committee on Real Estate and Construction appealed to the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Development to reject the draft law "On Real Estate Activity bin Ukraine" (Reg. № 3618).