• 2020-2021: New Leaders of UBA Committees Elected!

    We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the 2020-2021 committee chair election process! We would like to bring to your attention the results of voting for the chairs of committees.

  • 144th Meeting of the UBA Board: New Committee Chairs Approved

    Today, the 144th Meeting of the Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association of Ukraine took place. Traditionally, the agenda was approved and five items were put forward for general consideration. Vice-President of the Association Artem Stoyanov chaired the meeting. He began with a welcome speech on the occasion of the Association's 17th birthday.

  • The Regional Justice Reform Council Met in Kharkiv

    On the initiative of the UBA Branch in Kharkiv region and the support of the EU Pravo-Justice Project, a meeting of the Regional Council on Justice Reform was held.

  • Legal HR Fair 2019: Why the Event is so Unique

    The Park Inn Radisson Hotel hosted Legal HR Fair for the third time in a row. Organizers believe that hundreds of lawyers to-be will remember this day. They talked about what made this year's event unique:

  • Improving the "Tomorrow's Lawyer" Program: Interviewing Judges of Ukraine

    The "Tomorrow's Lawyer" Program conducts a survey of judges of Ukraine regarding the evaluation of the technique of writing procedural documents submitted to court by lawyers.

  • Another Violation of Lawyer's Rights: Open Appeal of the Ukrainian Bar Association

    The Ukrainian Bar Association issued another open appeal for an effective investigation into the attack on lawyer Volodymyr Bogatyr.

  • Changes to the Procedural Codes: Appeal of the UBA Committee

    The Committee of Procedural Law of the Ukrainian Bar Association appealed to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy with proposals for the draft law "On Amendments to the Commercial Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Code of Administrative Judiciary in improving the review of appeals» № 2314.

  • Anti-Corruption Reform, Ethics & Practical Realities: UBA Criminal Conference 2019

    The 6th Conference on Criminal Law and Process has traditionally gathered the best experts to discuss topical issues in the field. This year's event touched upon the first results of anti-corruption reform and the work of the HACC (High Anticorruption Court), potential novelties of legislation, professional ethics and traditionally relevant practice.

  • Results of the 143rd meeting of the UBA Board

    The Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association held its 143th meeting, led by the President of the Association Denys Bugay. As much as sixteen questions were proposed for consideration. Following the announcement of the agenda, the financial report for 9 months was approved and the budget for the following year was discussed.

  • IP Ukraine NOW: Key Ideas

    November started with IP Ukraine NOW - a forum dedicated to discussing topical issues of intellectual property and the first results of cooperation between lawyers and authorities.