• Ukraine National/International Intellectual Property Moot Competition 2021-22

    CLDP will work with the Ukraine Bar Association (UBA), the UBA’s Student Division, and other Ukrainian partners to expand the existing IP Moot competition for the 2021-22 school year. 

  • Advisory Bodies: How the UBA Influences Government Decision-Making

    One of the key priorities of the Ukrainian Bar Association is legislative activity. With the constant work of the UBA members, major changes in national legislation are born, and key state bodies operate under their control. We interviewed lawyers who represent Association in working groups and community councils and learned more about their activities.

  • The UBA Committee Provided Proposals to Improve IP legislation

    The UBA Committee on Intellectual Property addressed Oleksandr Romanyshyn, Deputy Minister of Development of Trade, Agriculture and Agriculture of Ukraine, and Andriy Demchuk, Director of the MDET Intellectual Property Development Department, with a request to finalize the MDET Draft Order “On Approval of Rules of Procedure”.

  • UBA Legal Assembly to Meet in March

    An extraordinary meeting of the Legal Assembly of the Ukrainian Bar Association will take place on March 19 in Kyiv. The event will take place offline in Kyiv at 55 Velyka Vasylkivska Street, Park Inn Hotel.

  • Joint Letter of Public Associations on the Functioning of the IP Rights Protection System

    The Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) on Intellectual Property together with associations of IP specialists, lawyers, business associations addressed the General Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property Andriy Kudin. The community demands an urgent meeting to discuss the functioning of the IP rights legal protection system.

  • Ruslan Sydorovych Runs for the Position of a CCU Judge

    Today, for the second time, the Parliament has on the agenda the issue of electing two judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. Among the candidates for the position are Ruslan Sydorovych, a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association, a partner of Ario Law Firm, a People's Deputy of the VIII convocation.

  • Changes in UBA Structural Units: What's New?

    The year 2021 has already brought for the Ukrainian Bar Association a number of innovations. First, new units emerged: Section of Enforcement Officers and the Commission of Forensic Experts. The decision was unanimously supported by the UBA Board on February 9 meeting.

  • Results of 151th Meetings of the UBA Board

    The first meeting of the Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association in the new year was devoted to the formation of this year's vector of development. In total, the Board members considered 11 urgent issues. Below is the summary of the decisions taken.

  • Implementation of the Concept of Legal Education Development: Results of the Debate

    On the platform of the Ukrainian Bar Association, a debate was held on certain aspects of the implementation of the Concept for the Development of Legal Education, its main advantages and disadvantages. For almost three hours, moderated by Maksym Sheverdin, Ph.D., a member of the UBA Board, coordinator of the UBA Commission for the Improvement of Legal Education, representatives of opposing positions tried to find out all the pros and cons of the Concept. Below are the key theses of the discussion.

  • Upcoming: New Season of PARTNERS ’SCHOOL!

    New Year brings new challenges in self-development. It is impossible to succeed without prior planning, and the UBA Knowledge HUB educational platform is here to help you out!