• Key Changes in Customs: Results, Prospects, Trends

    For almost a year, there has been a general discussion of changes in customs, including those that are exclusively the scale of reorganization of the customs service. Lawyers are now preparing for powerful legislative changes that will shift the paradigm of its processes. Year of 2020 promises to be a year of active formation and development of a "new model customs service".

  • The Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional a number of legislative provisions regarding the next judicial reform

    On March 11, 2020, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine issued a Decision No. 4-r/ 2020 in a case on the constitutional submission of the Supreme Court regarding the conformity with the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality) of certain provisions of the laws on the next judicial reform.

  • UBA Committee Leadership 2020-2021: Final Update

    We are happy to inform you that the new councils and heads of the UBA committees have been elected, thus launching the work of the new cadency of lawyers.

  • Quarantine regime: an urgent announcement on the activities of the Ukrainian Bar Association

    Since March 12, anti-epidemic measures have been introduced in Kyiv, including the cancellation of mass events with more than 60 participants. This is stated in the Minutes of the meeting of the Standing Committee on Technogenic Environmental Safety and Emergency Situations "On additional measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID 19)":

  • Women's Leadership Forum: Towards an Equilibrium

    Leadership is the impact, responsibility, challenges you need to cope with, and mutual support. For a long time, this definition had a strong gender emphasis. But does it exist today? What is the issue of women's leadership now? What are the chances to occupy a leading position for a woman? How important is its role and the winning readiness of society to perceive it as an integral part of the process of (general) creativity?

  • Ukrainian Women in Law 2020: The Results of the Largest Survey

    We can assume that in the 21st century, the conditions for all have long been equal, but things are not so easy. Experts say that women are less confident about career advancement, tend to minimize their own merit, and confidently associate with a term called psychology in impostor syndrome. Women suffer most, and self-doubt and their abilities are rooted in stereotypes.

  • Charity Ball of the UBA Students' League: A Chance to Save Patients with Cancer

    The first Charity Ball of the UBA Students' League was held in the Column Hall of the Kyiv City State Administration.

  • UBA Member Oleksiy Reznikov Appointed Vice Prime Minister

    On Wednesday, March 4, during a batch vote for the new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appointed Oleksiy Reznikov Deputy Prime Minister - Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories.

  • UBA Urges Parliament to Adopt Bill on Jury

    The Ukrainian Bar Association sent an open appeal to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine calling for the adoption of bills “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Ensuring the Participation of Jurors in the Administration of Justice” (No. 2710) and “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Judiciary and Status of Judges" On Improving the Order of Jury Formation» (No. 2709).

  • UBA GR: What to Expect in 2020?

    The past year brought a record number of achievements. Olga Lopushanska, GR Coordinator of the Ukrainian Bar Association, candidate of economic sciences, analyzed the success of the GR direction in 2019 for a deeper reflection of the experience gained and the quality formation of the vector of future movement. What have we achieved and what can we expect from 2020?