About "PRAVISSIMO!" – the UBA Award on Journalism, Literature and Art

In 2011 the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) has established an Award on Journalism, Literature and Art called "PRAVISSIMO!". It is intended for yearly rewarding of journalists who make articles, reviews and video/audio reports on legal topics as well as other people who practice in literature, art or other creative work dedicating it to legal profession.

The award was established to reward journalists and other creative masters who cover in their works issues related to law and legal profession in Ukraine, help to raise public awareness of legal institutions' functions and strengthen the role of men of law in society.

The reward has a form of a premium. Its volume is determined by the UBA President.

The works that claim for the Award must be published between 1 January and 31 December of the Award current year.

Works published in dedicated law medias cannot participate in the competition.

The deadline for applying for the Award is 1 April of the current year.

The claim for the Award can be sent by any member of the Ukrainian Bar Association, publisher, TV and radio company or article author. The number of works applying for the Award is not limited.

The application for the Award is free of charge.

Please follow this link to download the application form.

Please note that with submission to UBA Secretariat you should also send: for printed publications - publication original or copy (or its digital version); for audio and video works - a DVD record.

UBA has its own winner-determining Commission.

For more information please contact the UBA Secretariat via phone: 044 492-88-48 or e-mail: editor@uba.ua. Contact person – Oksana Kozhukhivska.

Postal Address: 5 Mezhyhirska Street, office 15, Kyiv, 04071.