The Ukrainian Bar Association is the most dynamic, progressive and numerous professional legal association in our country. Today we have about 6 000 lawyers, barristers, jurisconsults, scientists, civil servants, judges from all corners of Ukraine.

If we were asked, what we appreciate the most, we would answer – to be useful. We aim to cover all possible professional aspects of lawyer’s life and also to organize his vivid leisure.

What else?

Be professional with us! UBA unites the best experts and you will always find adherents or opponents, you can share your experience or find out views of leading experts.

Be interesting with us! UBA is not only activities for raising professional qualifications, but also numerous projects. We know that we need to develop constantly and move ahead.

Be perspective with us! Now, within UBA working groups on improving legislation are operating, conclusions of which are sent to heads of ministries and other departments.

Have funny time with us! Every year UBA gathers hundreds of lawyers and creates atmosphere of friendship, gives smiles and brightens the mood all participants of our events.

Feel the benefits with us! UBA cares about their members and offers to try the partner companies discounts. Launching complete bonus program is in the near future.

Join us!

and be a part of a strong and dynamic legal community!

Conditions of membership:

Members and candidates to the UBA should be capable individuals who:

  • share principles and tasks of UBA;
  • recognize and perform positions the UBA statute;
  • meet the requirements and  are accepted to the UBA in the manner prescribed by the Charter and internal documents of the UBA;
  • pay fees on time.

Members of the UBA can be citizens of Ukraine with higher legal education.

Candidates to the UBA can be citizens of Ukraine, who are studying in higher educational institutions.

Honorary membership is possible in the UBA.  A lawyer, scientist, political or social man or other person, who has special achievement in the state building and development of legal profession and performs significant organizational, financial and other support to the activity of the UBA. Title of honorary member of the UBA is assigned by decision of the Board.

In addition, persons who do not meet the criteria for membership in the UBA, have the right to participate in it’s activities as participants.

To become a member (candidate member) of the UBA you should:

  • Fill in an application on the site of the UBA. In case if  applicant has a right to use discounts of the enrollment and / or annual membership fee stipulated by the Regulations on membership fees, he should attach to the application documents confirming his right to a discount. You have to pay the enrollment and annual membership fees before applying for the UBA. In this case, you will need to attach a copy of the receipt to confirm payment of appropriate fees.
  • Board will consider your application and decide on the admission or refusal of admission to the UBA in month, so applicant will be informed on the decision. In case of refusal, contributions will be paid back in full within a month.

The date of the applicant’s joining is considered to be the date of taking decision by Board of the UBA on the admission of the applicant to the UBA.

After taking decision by Board you will be sent a welcome package.

Membership dues

  Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia For all other regions a discount of 30%
For all lawyers 1000 uah. 700 uah.
For young lawyers (less than 3 years after graduation), judges, state officials, scientists, educators, prosecutorial investigators 700 uah. 490 uah.
For retirement-age lawyers, who do not work 50 uah.
For law students (candidate members) 100 uah.
For other individuals, who want to participate in UBA’s activity 1500 uah.


Fee for participation in two committee is included in enrollment fee. In case of joining each additional committee membership fee increases by 300 hrn. For candidate members participation in committees is free of charge.

If you wish to update your personal information, to modify the list of committees, forums and sections fill in updating contact information.

The UBA Board may grant privileges for the payment of enrollment or annual membership fees on the grounds specified in the Regulation "About membership of NGO" Ukrainian Bar Association"