Membership Commission

A Membership Commission is a permanently acting body created for the purpose of immediate examination of issues pertaining to admission of new members to the Association and expulsion of existing ones.

The activity of the Commission is regulated by the current Ukrainian laws, the provisions of the Statute and internal Association documents that pertain to the Commission activities.

The Commission has the following tasks:

  • a preparation of the conclusions about admission of new members to the Association for the Board;
  • an examination of the documents submitted in the course of Association acceding;
  • a preparation of the conclusions about expulsion of the Association members for the Board;
  • other tasks which may be assigned to the Commission by the Convention or Board's decision according to the Statute.

The Commission's conclusions are recommendatory.

In the discharge of its duties the Commission has a right to send requests to applicants (or the Association members) in order to obtain information, documents and materials needed to prepare the conclusions about the possibility of their admission to the Association (or expulsion from the Association).

The Commission consists of 3 (three) people who should be acting Association members being assigned by the Board for 2 (two) years.

Commission member powers are terminated halfway by the Board's decision:

  • at a Commission member request;
  • in case of systematic breach of duty by a Commission member, including absence at Commission's meetings without reasonable excuses;
  • in case of Association membership termination.

The Commission's Head is assigned by the Board.

The Commission's Head has the following duties:

  • governs the Commission;
  • allocates the tasks pertaining to the preparation of issues put before the Commission between its members;
  • calls and holds Commission meetings;
  • presents the Commission at the Convention and Board's meetings;
  • signs documents on behalf of the Commission;
  • is in charge of minutes taking and keeping Commission meetings minutes.

The Commission has a right to elect the Deputy Head of the Commission for the term of its powers.

The Deputy Head of the Commission acts as the Commission Head for the time of their absence and also does some everyday work assigned by the Commission Head.

Between the Commission meetings its activity is managed by the Commission Secretary who is a full-time employee of the Secretariat.

The Commission's Secretary has the following duties:

  • receives and handles requests and other documents sent to the Commission;
  • distributes needed materials and documents between the Commission members;
  • prepares materials for the Commission meetings;
  • takes the minutes of the Commission meetings;
  • performs other functions assigned by the Commission Head.

The Commission Head is responsible for calling, organization and holding of the Commission meetings. Regular Commission meetings are held according to the schedule approved by the Commission. If needed the Commission Head can call out-of-schedule meetings.

A Commission meeting is considered valid if more than a half of its members are present.

The Commission Head chairs at the Commission meetings. In case of their absence, the Commission Deputy Head takes the chair.

Board's members and other individuals with the consultative capacity invited by the Commission Head have a right to be present at the Commission meetings.

The Commission should come to a decision regarding each issue put before it in accordance with the procedure and terms provided in this Provision and other internal Association documents.

Commission meetings are accompanied with the minutes taking. The minutes are signed with the Commission Head and Secretary.

Commission decisions are rendered by simple majority of votes. When one of the Commission members disagrees with its decision, they can document a separate opinion in a written form which is amended to the Commission meeting materials.

The decisions made by the Commission are submitted to the President to be considered by the Board.

Membership Commission members:

  1. Pavlenko Irina, First Department Legal, Lawyer - Chairman of the Membership Committee.
  2. Tesla Rodion, group of companies PRAT Myronivsky Hliboproduct, Head of International Corporate Communications - member of the Membership Committee.
  3. Bugai Maksim, TNT Ukraine & Eastern Europe Associates (FedEx Corp), Senior Legal Advisor - member of the Membership Committee.