Priorities of Ukrainian Bar Association

The Priorities of the Ukrainian Bar Association for 2017-2019

The Ukrainian Bar Association in its development has evolved from a communication platform that brings together leaders of the legal market of Ukraine, to a powerful civil society institution, which unites a full range of legal community representatives - lawyers, advocates, notaries, judges, scholars, and other members of legal society.

We consider the development of the Ukrainian Bar Association for 2017-2019 in the context of three categories, namely: a lawyer, legal community and the rule of law.

We see the future of our organization as follows:


UBA initiates and moderates the discussion on the concept of a lawyer in Ukraine: the current status and the prospects of development.

UBA supports students and together with the UBA League of Students, leading educational institutions elaborates and implements the reform of legal education in Ukraine.

UBA a leader in the formulation and communication of professional values ​​and standards of lawyers, regardless of the scope of their activities and supervises the compliance by the Ukrainian legal community.

Legal community

UBA brings together lawyers practicing in Ukraine in various areas and in various parts of the country, who share a common vision in terms of values ​​and wish to work in accordance with the declared priorities.

UBA is a significant participant in civil society and a reliable partner of international institutions and organizations facilitating the legal reforms in Ukraine.

UBA develops and strengthens cooperation with international and foreign legal organizations, represents Ukrainian legal community outside the country.

UBA monitors global trends and works to create LegalTech world center in Ukraine.

Rule of Law State

UBA insists that an individual and protection of his/her rights and freedoms shall be the center of public policy at all state levels, whilst the UBA facilitates and monitors the human rights agenda.

UBA initiates and participates in professional discussions on matters pertaining to the legal sphere, prepares and promotes necessary legislative initiatives, delegates representatives to various government institutions and exercises public control over their activities.

UBA is actively involved in reforming the legal profession and the development of professional self-government.

UBA acts as a lobbyist of the interests of the legal profession before the Parliament and the public authorities.

UBA community and its representatives – UBA members – change the malicious practices in doing business in Ukraine with their own example.