About UBA

Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) - all-Ukrainian public organization, founded in 2002 to bring together lawyers for a strong and influential professional community, which would become a powerful voice of the legal profession of our country.

Along with the common goal of implementing the Rule of Law, increasing legal awareness and legal culture in society, the Ukrainian Bar Association is committed to the development of the legal profession, improvement of legislation, implementation of ethical standards in provision of legal services, protection of professional rights of the UBA members and human rights in general.

From the moment of its foundation the UBA have been constantly expanding its activities, as well as the number of tasks to be performed. With such rapid development the organization remained on the fundamental postulates of its existence: independence, openness, indifference towards politics, democracy, equality of members, etc.

The activities of the UBA are fully based upon personal initiative and commitment of its members. After ten years of dedicated work we remain the most dynamic and active organization of lawyers in Ukraine, we expand our activities abroad and take a proactive stance on many issues of legal life in Ukraine.

The UBA unites over six thousand lawyers from all regions of the country, including attorneys, notaries, scholars, judges, civil servants, MPs and well-known scientists in the field of law. Student division of the UBA consists of more than fifteen hundred future lawyers from more than fifty educational institutions of Ukraine.

The priorities of the Ukrainian Bar Association are as follows:

  • building effective relationship with government authorities, professional lobbying;
  • active participation in the legal society and in the new Bar self-government;
  • participation in the lawmaking process and developing proposals to improve the existing legislation;
  • promoting the regional development of the UBA and its expansion;
  • development of international cooperation with world Bar associations and societies, holding joint conferences and meetings;
  • protection of professional rights of UBA members;
  • maintaining public control over the activities of public authorities.

Ukrainian Bar Association since 2006 is a member of the International Bar Association (ІBA), it maintains close relations with the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) and the American Bar Association (ABA).

Ukrainian Bar Association cordially welcomes all like-minded people to join our organization to work together to translate our common ideas and goals into practice. We hope that our principles and objectives match your expectations on the future of the Ukrainian legal profession.