Partners of Х Annual Legal Forum “Development of Legal Services Market in Ukraine – 2014”

General Partner

Lidings is a leading independent national law firm with a broad base of clientele in Russia and the CIS. Since its launch in the mid-2000s, the firm has achieved impressive growth and built a noteworthy reputation. The firm advises its predominantly international clients from its two offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The firm has been successful in establishing sector expertise in certain industries where global investors play an important part, such as Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Automotive, Energy and Aviation.

Reputation for excellent client service is a key factor in the firm’s success and the reason for its impeccable reputation in the Russian market.



Kushnarov Attorney Bureau is а collective of professionals which come forward experts at the market of legal services of Ukraine and foreignness. Active service of Clients in the sphere of international business enriched our personnel unique experience. From year to year we satisfy all necessities of Clients successfully, instrumental in the increase of social standards in society and forming of the legal state in Ukraine. Among advantages it costs to mark the grant of free legal services the persons of some categories.